Halton Regional Council - Ward 2

Come October 24th 2022, the residents of Ward 2 Burlington will be voting for a Mayor and Regional Councillor. This election is an important one. The next Council that is voted in will determine future growth plans for Burlington's housing, environment, livability and accessibility. Many residents are facing challenges like affordability and current council have not addressed programs in assisting those living on fixed incomes or below poverty line.

What is required is a Councillor who will champion many of these initiatives that are important for residents of Ward 2 Burlington. Some of these initiatives are governed at the regional level, so it's important on advocating change from a local and regional level. Regional level decisions will have a direct impact on Ward 2 Burlington. Not all residents will be supportive of certain decisions, but what is important is the transparency on how those decisions are made.

My work life background is diverse, spending many years working with business intelligence and quality management systems (ISO 9000).

How this relates to government. Having been a quality management system auditor, I know exactly how best practices for standardization are important for governance. Currently, the City of Burlington nor Halton Region have any management systems within their business practices. I plan to promote ISO 14001 Environmental Certification, which brings in this standardization with an environmental impact to governing.

Working in the data and business intelligence industry gives me that understanding on how we can use current technologies to better assist in decision making and provide transparency on those decisions.

Residential Development

With Halton Region's recent decision not to expand boundaries for development, how will this impact Ward 2 Burlington..

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Affordable Housing & Renting

There are 17 development applications within Ward 2, of which only one is slated for rental units.

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Pandemic Are we done with Covid?

We may be done with all the restrictions and lockdowns, but will we have another wave?

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Today's Seniors

As the rising cost of living increases, what difficulties are many seniors facing today..

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Long Term Care

When covid started making it's way through communities across the country, it became apparant there was a lack of governance over services for long term care facilities.

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The Environmental Management System - ISO 14001, helps identify and understand our environmental impacts, and how we can best manage and reduce these impacts.

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